Licensure Requirements

Licensure Requirements

In order to apply for licensure, you will need to complete the Application for Licensure form and return it to the NDBACE office. The time frame for application review may be up to 3 months as some applications must be reviewed by the full board at one of its quarterly meetings. (see Calendar page for upcoming meeting dates).

LAC- Application For License

LMAC- Application For License

Two references are required for initial licensure, using the below form. A transcript Review Form will also need to be submitted for initial licensure.

Reference Form (LAC)

Reference Form (LMAC) 

LAC Transcript Review Form

LMAC Transcript Review Form

You must be licensed in North Dakota to work as an addiction counselor in the State. A license from another state cannot simply “transfer” to a North Dakota license. If you have practiced or been licensed in another jurisdiction other than North Dakota, you must indicate this on the application. Submit a completed Out of State Application in addition to the items listed above. You will also need to send a verification request form to the appropriate jurisdiction. The completed forms can be sent directly to NDBACE. The board must receive the verification forms in order to process your application.

Out of State Application

NCC AP MAC Credential Verification

NCC AP NCAC II Credential Verification

It is your responsibility to properly complete the forms and send them to the NDBACE office at the address listed above. If you do not complete the application in full, it will be returned to you along with your application fee, and it will not be processed until it is complete.

If you need any help or have any questions during the application process, please call the NDBACE office at (701) 255-1439.

Private Practice

LCACs and MACs are eligible for private practice in North Dakota. Registration is required through NDBACE.

Private Practice Application

Note: To participate in substance use counseling private practice in North Dakota, you also need to obtain a program license from the Division of Behavioral Health.